How we do it ?

We promise to strenghten your Business and take responsibility of your shoulder in terms of recruitment so you stay concentrated on your project and your tasks.

Our Solution to Recrutiment

Every taks can be accomplised once is broken down into parts:

Step 1 Reviewing the Request Staff Form you submited

Step 2 We immidiatly notify you via message and email to schedule a Consultation (We are as flexible as bungy streach but don’t break ).

Step 3 Call or a Video call. (Skype, Facetime ) All up to you.

Step 4 Attending a 10min meeting your time your location

We deliver specific presentation of prospects list to let you choose the talents you want for the project. ( making a check list for particular project , writing down everything that the client expects from the staff such as skills,experience,qualification etc), Verification proccess, Checking progress and Feedback’s Constant comunication with a Client.

  1. We work should with shoulder to provide/ cover aspects of employment, so you can focus on your job while we focus on our.
  2. Build long-term relationship through understadning, caring and bringing value.
  3. Specilsed Search process of candidates :Our Company select most sutiable candidates that you need at your request. We have specfic stages of recruitment so our candidates meet the riterias.
  4. We review our workers.
  5. Effective Communication that allows us to get to know you and aknowledge your needs which gives us cleare vision on the people you need. We single mindedly foucs on the task until is acomplish.
  6. Dedicated to Provide Workers to every construction and building company that Value quality and take pride of their work.
    • Industral Construction: Public sector a gang of craftsmen a team of builders or a few individual for a commercial project. We have them sorted accordingly to your needs.
    • Residential Buidling: Building company who operate in Private sector requires workers with experienced in this specific field who is knowledgeable and We provide Permanent & Temporary Craftsmen for building project across the UK.

We: Empower Construction Companies as a recruitment partner.

We will send you news and offers twice a month.